2013 Lexus GS 450h – The Ultimate Luxury Hybrid

Eleanor Hanson

Step lightly on the accelerator and the 450h’s response is immediate and if you put your foot down then get ready for a power surge from this classy midsize luxury saloon. The 450h covers the miles in rapid style, going from 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds, a time that is mightily impressive for a hybrid. It is powered by a 3.5-liter, V6 engine and produces 338 bhp and 277 pounds-feet of torque. The driver can choose from Eco, Sport S, Sport S+ and EV modes thanks to a conveniently located Drive Mode selector. The 450h is a hybrid, so gas range is a major consideration. The 450h gives you 29-34 mpg which is a nice increase in productivity as Lexus says the redesigned 2013 GS 450h gets an average of 31 mpg, while the 2011 edition got 23 mpg.

In the words of GS Chief Engineer Yoshihiko Kanamori, “On the freeway in the old GS, I had to flash my lights to ask people to move out the way… in the new GS, other cars move straight away”. The 450h remains the same in wheelbase and length, although the chassis is 2 inches wider. There was a problem with the trunk space in the last 450h therefore the trunk space is increased, correcting another problem with the previous model. The hybrid’s batteries are now stacked vertically rather than horizontally, as before.

Lexus is known for its safety features and the standard features in the 450h are plentiful and safety is at a premium. The inclusion of the Lexus Safety Connect system, emergency assist button, automatic collision notification and stolen vehicle location service is a tough match for any rival. The interior is finely crafted from leather and rich wood and provides comfort for both front and back seat passengers. The 450h features plenty of gadgetry. In the center there is the largest infotainment screen currently fitted in a production car, and a wide, horizontal element running across the cabin.

It also has analog clock, carved from solid aluminum billet. The CO2 emissions for the 450h are 141gm/km. Although 450h is a luxury saloon and doesn’t disappoint with its driving capability. The steering is very responsive and the vehicle corners well. The 450h also delivers a comfortable, quiet ride. There are many reasons for buying the Lexus GS 450h. It has the classic good looks, a sporty ride, high gas mileage, great performance and is reasonably priced for a luxury saloon. The new 450h combines bold and dynamic design, innovative technology, a spacious contemporary.interior and precise handling.

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