Alternative Fuel Magic – How They Save Money And Environment

Eleanor Hanson

The truth is oil and automobile companies are creating alternative fuel expansions to help with the escalating prices of gas and oil, and global warming. The companies are at the point where they realize it is time to do something because consumers are fed up, the environment is in danger and there are cheaper methods.

Alternative fuels are not made from crude oil, which would end the United States dependency on foreign countries. Such alternatives fuels are made from corn, wheat, vegetable oil, pretty much anything that is organic. Companies have even used old car parts to create fuel. These types of alternative fuel expansions are amazing because it is taking natural products that can be grown anywhere, or garbage that needs to be disposed of and using it in a productive, cost efficient manner.

It isn’t all about the money either. The global warming problem has received international attention as of late and many countries, citizens and people are taking a stand to help the environment. The alternative fuels burn cleaner and produce less CO2, which is a major culprit in global warming. Less garbage, less CO2 and cleaner air. Alternative fuel expansions sound like a winning combination.

Major car companies are taking the biggest leaps when it comes to alternative fuels expansion. With the price of oil, car companies have taken the biggest hit. Consumers are looking for more fuel efficient vehicles or even those that don’t require the gasoline that is available at the pump these days. Car companies are creating cars that run on electricity, ethanol, E85 and biodiesels. With the new wave of technology these car companies are creating also come the growth of jobs. Some of the alternative expansions are still in its infancy stages, but many vehicles such as E85, ethanol and biodiesel are already on the road.

Australia and Sweden have been developing alternative fuel expansions. Those countries already have E85 vehicles on the road. E85 means the fuel is 85 percent ethanol. It also becoming popular in the Midwestern part of the United States where large crops of corn are grown.

Big oil companies are taking notice and are now putting different kinds of pumps at gas stations where there is a demand. As a child, when you used to think about how electric cars would run in the future, you probably never thought it would happen in your lifetime. Well, buckle up because the future is coming. Alternative fuel expansions are changing the way people think and changing lives.

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