Are Volkswagen Cars Compatible With Biodiesel Fuel?

Eleanor Hanson

Well as a matter of fact the VW diesel compatibility with biodiesel fuel is excellent. Models that use the fuel most effectively have a TDI engine. These are the Jetta, Jetta Wagon, Golf, New Beetle and Passat.

The VW 1.9L TDI with a 5 speed gets between 42 and 61 mpg and the automatic VW 1.9L TDI gets between 37 and 57 mpg. In addition to excellent gas mileage, the TDI engine has one of the best records of efficiency and clean emissions when run with biodiesel fuel.

Newer TDI engines have a higher injection pressure than those made in the 1980’s. Because of this they don’t like poor quality fuel. But because biodiesel fuel is of high quality, these newer TDI engines use it very well.

In the United States it is different because Volkswagen does not encourage the extensive use of biodiesel in the cars. This is because substandard fuel or higher-level biodiesel fuel blends may actually damage your engine or fuel system and this may not be covered under warranty.

Here are three things to research if you are considering VW diesel compatibility with biodiesel fuel:
1. If you are purchasing a used vehicle ask about its history, usage, and any major repairs. You also want to know how often the car was serviced.
2. Talk to people who currently own a VW diesel car and run it using biodiesel fuel. Feel free to ask them if they have had any problems.
3. If you buy an older car and plan on running it on biodiesel fuel, be aware that you may need to make some changes to the fuel filter and the existing fuel hoses.

VW is not the only car manufacturer that makes cars to successfully run with biodiesel fuel. Other cars you may want to consider are Audi, Skoda and SEAT.

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