Biodiesel Fuel Provides Vital Alternative Energy Source

Eleanor Hanson

World pollution is a growing concern all around our planet which is why more and more companies are switching over to biodiesel fuel to run their fleets, machines and devices. This fuel is derived from plant based materials and is considerably smarter then using the typical gasoline from the past. Aircrafts, farming equipment, factory operations and even civilian vehicles are using this fuel to cut down the damage that our earth is being exposed to. Generally this option is twenty five percent cheaper then the cost of standard gasoline and is an environmentally friendly choice.

Soybeans are one of the most common and widely used plants to manufacture biodiesel fuel. This fuel is made by combining the oils from the soybeans chemically, with alcohol. Other sources include flax, mustard and sunflower seeds, hemp, coconuts, etc. Since the fuel is made from such natural produce, it’s only fitting that it is one of today’s most plant conscious options. Animal fats and algae are also common sources for manufacturing materials. Some areas of the world require a minimum amount of this fuel to be mixed in with gasoline in efforts to become more “green”, and this amount is growing every year.

Biodiesel fuel is a great way for large companies to help in the efforts to save the planet by becoming a “green” or environmentally friendly company. Using this fuel in their delivery truck fleets, company vehicles and machinery not only makes them a better company in every one’s eyes, but it can also potentially save them a few pretty pennies. Beyond the environmental aspect of using this fuel, it also decreases our world’s dependence on oil which has more benefits then we could explain in one day. Having the resources to produce this fuel is important in the manufacturing, and what better resource to have then one growing in your own field?

Lastly, biodiesel fuel can be produced from recycled waste which is a remarkable feat in itself. This simply means companies; restaurants and businesses can potentially use the discarded waste for material in which to make this fuel. In turn they can use this fuel to run their machines, heat their buildings and gas up their vehicles and trucks. One well known burger chain restaurant uses their old cooking oils and converts it into fresh, clean fuel in which powers their company. If every business in the world did this, we could save the world in no time!

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