BMW Suspension Upgrades

Eleanor Hanson

Do you find your BMW is loose around the corners with BMW OEM Parts? BMW is known for their taut German suspension but there are a variety of BMW Modifications and BMW Performance Upgrades that can be made to the factory suspension to maximize handling and performance.

BMW Swaybars

Your BMW comes equipped with Macpherson strut suspension that features swaybars to eliminate torsional flex and maximize chassis rigidity. While the BMW OEM swaybars are suitable for most, if you are after maximum performance and handling, then you will want to upgrade your factory swaybars.

Some of the most popular E46 Performance Parts and BMW M3 Performance Parts include upgrading your BMW OEM swaybars to a stiffer aftermarket swaybar from H&R, Eibach or RD Sport. These swaybars are thicker and stiffer to prevent chassis flex and improve turn in. Your car will also have less body roll as a result of the stiffer connection between your front and rear shocks. If you have already upgraded your BMW suspension with aftermarket suspension then the last missing link will be a set of swaybars. Designed for street or track use, H&R swaybars, RD Sport swaybars and Eibach swaybars are optimal for those who want improved handling and precision without a stiff track setup.

High Quality BMW Performance Parts

When upgrading your factory BMW OEM suspension, it is crucial to pay attention to the level of quality and manufacturing that goes into each part. It would be a shame to replace your OEM suspension with inferior or cheaply made parts. H&R, Eibach and RD Sport are well known manufacturers for BMW Performance Upgrades. Their swaybars in particular are produced in ISO9001 certified facilities and feature heat treated forged steel alloy to ensure maximum rigidity and durability under the most demanding conditions. Whether you are looking for parts for your E46, E92, E46 M3, E92 M3 or other BMW model, these manufacturers have the right BMW Modifications to transform your car into a new machine.

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