CAD Design

Eleanor Hanson

Automatic design systems (often briefly abbreviated as CAD) destine for drafting, creating construction and technological documentation and 3D models. CAD is mainly used for design of devices and all types of buildings and mechanical engineering.

There are many branches where CAD design is used – architecture, building, and also mechanical, aviation, electrotechnical, motor-car industry.

Increasing of CAD application in industry began at the end of 60th and significantly intensified due to appearance of powerful personal computers. At first it was used only for 2D modeling, then 3D modeling and design acquired rising popularity.

Now CAD design market is very wide. Correct choice of CAD system is reliable condition of effective design. Criteria for the choice are:

  • Popularity of CAD
  • Price of CAD systems, its maintenance and modification
  • Coverage width of the design tasks
  • Convenience for working with CAD and its “user-friendliness”
  • Availability of wide library support for standard solutions
  • Capabilities and simplicity for integration with other CAD systems
  • Capabilities for team work

It is common practice last ten years that design services are taken to outsourcing companies. The reasons for this are that companies reduce expenses by outsourcing non-core tasks to the high-level experts.

High-quality CAD design outsource can make you reduce expenses, to reach an enhanced performance, to have a better-managed e-business infrastructure, to be more competitive and to enjoy more reliability and security. Do you know why each day more and more people choose outsourcing companies? With our CAD outsource you do not need to invest in office space, technical equipment, professional software, your company increase profits and reduce costs!

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