Can I Sue a Car Manufacturer If There Was a Defect in My Car That Caused an Accident?

Eleanor Hanson

It is not unlikely for an engineering flaw or design failure to a cause a motor vehicle to malfunction and subsequently cause a vehicular accident. Car advertisers spend a great amount of time explaining to the public just how safe their cars are, and how they have superior handling, performance, and pass governmental crash tests with flying colors. However, accidents do happen and some of these accidents are caused by manufacturer error.

In cases where there is plausible reason to assume that there was manufacturer error, auto accident lawyers are called in to assess the legal bearings of a suit being filed against the car manufacturer.

Any motor vehicle is rated for performance and safety, which are to basic qualities that any motor vehicle wants their family car, truck, or van to have. Fact is, any accident caused by manufacturer error is difficult to prove and litigate. This is why car owners rely on auto accident lawyers to determine whether the defect is worth taking to court or not. In the wake of an equipment failure car accident, an auto accident lawyer can guide car owners through the process of filing an auto accident lawsuit, complete with the details of how many car manufacturers are aware of the risks involved with equipment but do nothing about it.

Historically, manufacturers need to have substantial reasons to declare a potential fault in their car design. Potential harm is usually not enough of a reason. Car manufacturers wait until a specific percentage of car accidents have occurred due to the defect before they order a recall. This is undoubtedly grounds for a car accident lawsuit and a personal injury settlement. In some cases, it even becomes a wrongful death case. Personal injury settlements are settlements filed by the defendant in response to the victim, who has filed an auto accident lawsuit against their person. Wrongful death settlements are a financial response by the defendant after immediate family members of the victim have filed an auto accident lawsuit concerning the death of a family member. Vehicular accident lawsuits are only filed by the victim, or someone who has legal power of attorney over the victim, while wrongful death cases are filed by only the victim’s legal beneficiaries or immediate family members.

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