Chamberlain PD210D Power Drive 1/2 HP Security Plus Garage Door Opener

Eleanor Hanson

The Chamberlain PD210D Power Drive 1/2 HP Security Plus Garage Door Opener will provide smooth and reliable performance year after year and will allow you easy access to your garage. This particular model is extremely easy to use and operate. It comes equipped with an innovative security system that prevents anyone else from stealing the information you use to remotely open your garage door.

Unlike inexpensive models from competing manufacturers, this system features a remote control that generates a unique, non-repeating security code each time it is used. Another benefit of this system, from a security standpoint, is that once the door is closed it stays locked.

The Chamberlain PD210D includes an industrial strength motor that is able to lift just about any garage door. The gear casing is enclosed, which provides the electric motor with a longer life and higher performance than standard models. This opener was engineered with a safety system to prevent the door from closing on objects that are under the door opening. Families with children or pets should appreciate this design.

The reviews on the PD210D are somewhat mixed. While a large number of customers love the product, some people found it cumbersome to install and operate.

Chamberlain PD210D Features:

* Industrial strength chain-drive motor
* Innovative Security Plus technology
* Battery-operated single button remote control
* Makes use of billions of security codes
* Weighs 38 pounds

Chamberlain PD210D Reviews:

Many of the reviews for this garage door opener are positive and mention that it is quick and easy to install. Some customers who have owned this model for a number of years have said that it is durable, performs well and is trouble-free. The extra security features give owners added peace of mind and many buyers liked the smooth and quiet operation.

In contrast to the many positive reviews, there were a few from customers that disliked the product. One of the main complaints was that the door opener was in fact not very easy to install. Another criticism was that there were far too many pieces and wires to adjust to make it work correctly. Yet another objection mentions the reliability of the product and that it will work at times and not at other times.

While there are mixed reviews of the Chamberlain PD210D Garage Door Opener with contrasting views on the ease of installation and reliability of the product, the majority of reviews seem to indicate that this garage door opener is a strong, durable product that can operate with almost any garage door. Most consumers thought it was good value and a number have owned one for a number of years with no major problems.

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