Common But Effective Niche Marketing Strategy

Eleanor Hanson

Niche marketing is risky. It relies on a small market and depends on customer loyalty rather than bulk and variety, and you need to have a good niche marketing strategy. If you want effective niche marketing strategies, here are some good ideas.

Choosing a Niche

Before you even start on any particular marketing strategy, decide first on which niche you would like to target. A good niche should be fresh or extremely particular. It is, after all, your only edge against the bigger companies that dominate the field by bulking customers. No amount of effective marketing strategies could help you if you’ve chosen a bad market. A simple way to strategize is either come up with a service or product that is totally new or to focus on a single specific field where you would like to specialize in.

For example, instead of building a new car design and competing against the big names of the car manufacturing field, a good niche marketing strategy is to create a car that works on carbon dioxide instead (if it is at all possible). This gives you a share of the car buying market and yet prevents you from getting run over by the bigger and more established car companies. The only trick with strategizing your niche is to be both innovative and courageous.

Another effective strategy is to offer more specific products or services. Instead of general repair services for cars, you can opt to specialize in car air-conditioning instead. This marketing strategy filters out your customers but establishes your expertise over other general repair shops.

Establishing Presence

Niche marketing strategy does not rely on the size of the target market. In fact, the usual target market is significantly smaller compared to the fields targeted by bigger and more general companies. It does, however, bank on the loyalty of its target patrons. To get this, you can employ a number of strategies.

An excellent niche marketing strategy is to be particularly knowledgeable about the niche that was chosen. In fact, you should be deemed the experts of the specific fields that you engage in. Because bigger companies get their share of the profit from the number of services and products they offer, they have no need for specializations. This is why big company employees often know very little about the things they are selling. Specialized companies, on the other hand, capitalize on this monopoly on knowledge.

Another effective niche marketing strategy is to focus on ensuring customer satisfaction. Aside from providing customers expert solutions, products or services, you may want to try promotional gimmicks, giveaways, discounts, or even memberships. These are ways to build customer loyalty and good working relationships. Remember, specialized companies bank more on loyalty rather than variety and bulking.

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