Convert a Car to Electric – Choosing a Motor

Eleanor Hanson

The electric car basically runs on a motor. It is the single most important part of the car. A conventional car would be driven by an internal combustion engine but the electric car would need a motor to provide the motive force. In many instances, the motor has determined the cost of the EV conversion or its price.

There are several kinds of motor to choose for your electric car conversion but you may want to first determine the right choice by analyzing the type of car you are converting.

If you are converting a small sedan or a light truck, then you may want to get a DC conversion. This type of motor is cheap and will fit cars of small weight. The downside is, you would not be able to get very high acceleration and you would not be able to carry heavy load too. Dc conversions will not last long as well.

Another option would be to go for the AC conversion. This type is more durable and will last long. It is known to offer better acceleration and can carry heavy load. They tend to be very expensive though they are more durable and robust than the DC conversions.

So if you are just converting your car to use in the city or short trips, the DC may be a very good option. It is cheap and widely available. On the other hand if you would be doing more of out of state traveling and will be carrying heavy loads, you would opt for the AC conversion.

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