Convert Your Car to a Hybrid – The Simple Guide to Convert Your Car and Save Thousands

Eleanor Hanson

As we all have heard, hybrid vehicles get the best gas mileage out of any car. The problem is that most of them cost over 40 thousand dollars to buy. If you could convert your car to a hybrid for 100 dollars would you? Well I hop you answered yes and here is some good news, We can now convert any vehicle to hybrid for under 100 dollars with A Do It Yourself Kit. This may sound hard, but it is not at all. You can install one of these kits on your car with NO mechanic skills in under 2 hours.

How Does This Technology Work?

Well hybrid vehicles use hydrogen along with gas to get that extra 15 miles per gallon. First you must simply install the kit, then you put some tap water and baking soda into the kit. The HHO kit then converts the tap water and baking soda into hydrogen. Your cars battery is what does the converting. After the conversions is done it mixes in with your cars gasoline and BAM you have yourself a hybrid. With this new method, you can now save thousands of dollars on gas each years and you will never have to pay for the high price of a hybrid. This technology is also called “run your car on water”

Benefits Of Using HHO Technology

  • You can get 50 percent more gas mileage
  • You will cause less pollution
  • The technology is 100 percent safe for every vehicle
  • Your cars engine will run much smoother and get a longer engine life

HHO technology is becoming more popular every single day and has now been installed in over 11,000 cars.

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