Convert Your Car To Run On Water – Can You Turn Your Car Into A Hybrid?

Eleanor Hanson

“Convert Your Car to Run on Water”- has been a headline of many popular magazines and website – there is a reason for it. The gas price consistently rises not only in the United States but in the rest of the world as well. Hyped up fuel price is a great reason for a creative inventor to come up with an easy solution – it has always been.

Just a little while ago FOX News chain broadcasted a video report about on American inventor who speaks about how you can turn your own car into a hybrid … for less than a $100. He came up with a great kit which allows him to use water and gas as fuel for his car. This clever inventor is a live proof that you can easily convert your car to run on water.

Such conversion kit has many interesting benefits; here are just some of them;

  • Increase car’s gas mileage by at least 40%
  • Decrease the emissions from the exhaust – this is great for the environment
  • Boost your car’s power by increasing engine’s horse power
  • Clean the old carbon from the engine and prolong motor’s life
  • Decrease the regular wear and tear of engine’s parts

You should not forget that when you convert you car to run on water you do not need to modify the car’s engine or the computer system. In fact, when removed – the previous existence of the kit under the hood is untreatable. The “car-hybrid kit” is easy to build and is very inexpensive (under 100$). There is a chance you already have most of the needed parts in your home. The effectiveness of this invention is one of the biggest reasons to convert your car to run on water.

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