Convert Your Car to Run on Water- the DIY Hybrid

Eleanor Hanson

Want to know how to run your car on water? Then read this article you can get all information related to run your car on water hybrid. Run your car on water by converting it yourself using water fuel technology to increase gas mileage. As thousands of people already using water fuel technology.

This water fuel technology has been invented by Nikola Tesla some 80 years back to prove that the water is one of the most powerful source of energy. But this technology has been kept in secret from the public for political reasons. Now,this water fuel technology has been reinvented because of increasing gas prices. People are looking for ways to save on gas bills today, so this is one of the best alternative way to save on gas.Thousands of people already using this water fuel technology and enjoying by increasing gas mileage.

This water fuel technology gives 20%-25% power to your car engine,as a hybrid car can’t offer it. It will cost you less than $150 to convert your car to run on water as compare to hybrid car that may cost your over $15000. After converting your car to run on water you can see amazing changes in your gas mileage,you can expect up to 60% increase in gas mileage. Hydrogen on demand technology turns your car engine to runs smoother and quieter and helps to reduce harmful emission and it increase the engine longevity.

This water fuel system is popular for it’s easy installation and efficiency.You don’t need to change your car engine, if you don’t like this system you can easily unhook the system within 30 minutes. Thousands of people getting amazing results after converting their car to run on water,some people are getting around 60%-70% increase in gas mileage.

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