Custom Car Paint Pin-Striping – Common Mistakes and Tips For a Great Design

Eleanor Hanson

Do you know that applying a custom car paint pinstripe finishing touch to your car will really make it great? Pin-striping works great with every car model you have and when applied well, the result could be fantastic.

We need to consider a few of the major pitfalls you may indirectly fall into while applying a custom car paint pin-striping on your car. You might think it is not necessary, but knowing and preventing them can lead to a successful end.

Our goal is to have a great design on our car that is much more than the common ones. Custom designs on the car like having a forest-like stripe demands that you be careful so as to make it look real.

Before you apply a custom car paint pin-stripe, you must take time and clean your car. Wash and wax the care thoroughly to remove all the dusts and dents which may interfere in your job.

Repair the scratches if you did not do it during your spray painting. Use water felt tip marker to draw your straight line on your car with the help of a straight edge like long rulers. This will serve as a guide so you do not exceed the boundaries while adding your custom car paint pin-striping designs.

Dot use a permanent marker to draw your lines as this may obstruct your spray paint. The cleaner the better, take your time to wash and clean your car thoroughly before applying your designs.

You can ask your friend to help out with the sticker. Avoid a dusty environment. Use your interior garage where proper ventilation is present. Avoid distractions so you do not adulterate your pin-striped artwork.

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