DIY Electric Vehicle – Cut Gasoline Cost by Using Electric For Cars

Eleanor Hanson

What are the benefits of a Do It Yourself (DIY) electric vehicle? The main benefit is freeing you from paying high gasoline prices forever. Ever since prices of fuel went up, stopping by the gas station has become an expensive ordeal. The possibility of the prices going higher is definitely there. One solution to remove your car dependency on fossil fuel is to convert it into an Electric Vehicle (EV). How would an average car owner retrofit his car to run on electricity? This article will provide some useful information.

If you were to engage a professional garage to modify your car to run on electricity, be prepared to invest upward of $4000. The investment cost alone is beyond the range of many people. One alternative is to retrofit your car into electric yourself in your home garage.

The idea is to replace the internal combustion engine and its associate parts such as gas tank, fuel distribution lines and radiator with an electric motor. The existing drive train such as the gears, clutch and drive shaft can still be used. When the engine is removed, the empty space created will be used to store the batteries. A series of lead acid flooded batteries will be used to supply the electricity to power the electric motor.

In general, a DIY project to convert a car to run on electricity is not difficult. What you would need is some hand tools, a good working space and a step by step conversion guide. Most good quality electric car conversion guides are available from the web. With the current high fuel prices, any idea that can reduce the cost to run a car should be explored further.

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