Eddie Bauer Car Seats – The Ins and Outs

Eleanor Hanson

Eddie Bauer is a household name that has been known for excellent quality and durable products. They match the reputation with a line of car seats that are designed to last, growing with the child so parents never need to buy another one. With convenience, reliability, and safety features abound, the Eddie Bauer car seats stand out from the others, as they are backed by a name that has been associated with quality and products that just work. Families have enough things to worry about, so the company makes sure that a questionable car seat is not one of them.

For infants, Eddie Bauer makes the Designer 22 Infant Car Seat, which is simple in design and made for parents’ convenience. Everything about it is easy to adjust including the 5-point harness in the back of the shell, the LATCH system, and the three available recline positions. It comes with a stay in car base, making transportation in and out of the car very easy, as the seat locks in place and is released by a small lever in the back. The designs are simple, yet modern, reflecting the classic and reliable nature of the product. An infant in the designer 22 is both safe and comfortable, and the parent is stress-free.

Designed to grow with the child through the toddler years and into early childhood, the Eddie Bauer Adjustable Booster changes from a standard car seat to a booster seat easily and conveniently. The seat is equipped with powerful safety features that can protect any child up to 100 lbs. It has a removable backrest, with deep padded side wings made of ProTech energy absorbing foam and uses the five point harness in its first stage. The seat is totally adjustable, as the headrest can change to three different positions, and the armrests pivot and flip up and down to make climbing in and out easier and movement more comfortable. It is even equipped with two cup holders, a must have for most toddlers.

Eddie Bauer offers other models, some of which have extra features. The Deluxe Booster has a no re-thread QuickFit harness system that adjusts even more easily, and an EPP headrest for a more comfortable fit. All of Eddie Bauer’s products meet or exceed national safety standards, and they receive raving reviews about their longevity and durability. These car seats are not flashy or chic, but they get the job done by keeping children safe and helping out mom and dad.

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