Facts About Water Fuel Technology

Eleanor Hanson

Here are a few facts about water fuel technology. The interest in being able to use water as fuel has increased lately with oil at $130+ a barrel, forcing gasoline to $4+ a gallon. Water fuel technology, or being able to run your car on water, is not a new concept. The first internal combustion engines ran on hydrogen back in the 1800’s.

Water fuel technology to run your car on water is a safe alternative to simply using expensive gasoline. You won’t be able to run your car on water alone. However, by installing a simple do it yourself conversion kit to your car you will be able to use water as a catalyst, or booster to the gasoline you burn. Sound fishy? Let me explain.

The conversion kit you will install takes a small amount of electricity from your car battery and a small amount of water. When properly mixed together they form a gas call HHO. Two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. This HHO, sometimes called Brown’s gas, when introduced into your car’s engine will help split the gasoline/air mixture droplets into a finer mist. This will cause it to burn more efficiently and more completely.

The water is being split into hydrogen and oxygen with the simple homemade device you install yourself. Thus, the name HHO. It is fed into the unconverted engine…same gasoline system, same computer, etc., etc. You are not running your car on hydrogen. You will not actually run your car on water. Your car will still run on gasoline. You are simply using the HHO as a booster.

Another of the important facts about water fuel technology is that the cost for converting your car to run on water is reasonable. You will absolutely need guidance, or plans and blueprints. They will cost you anywhere from around $50 to upwards of $200. Pick a plan that offers good technical support and you can expect to pay somewhere in the middle of that price range. Parts for the actual kit will run between $20 and $60. They will be available at any hardware or auto parts store.

You can feel safe adding one of these conversion kits to your car. They will not void your warranty. The IRS even offers some tax incentives to you for using green technology.

These facts about water fuel technology should help you make a decision about whether or not you agree that it is time to run your on water. Knowing that these systems will increase fuel mileage by up to 50% makes it almost necessary to learn how to use water as fuel.

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