Ferrari’s Greatest Models: Staying Ahead of Competition

Eleanor Hanson

Ferrari is one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world; the very name is synonymous with luxurious and reliable car design. Headquartered in Maranello, Italy, which is so much a part of Ferrari’s history that has become a tourist attraction for sports car enthusiasts, Ferrari have been at the forefront of sports car design and manufacture since its formation in 1929.

Here is a guide to just a few of the wonderful models Ferrari has issued over the years.

599 GTB Fiorano
Taking its name from its own engine power of 599 cc, the 599 GTB Fiorano is the Ferrari model currently all the rage. First released in 2006, the 599 GTB Fiorano is a two-seater featuring a body designed with sleek lines reminiscent of some of Ferraris classic cars making it one of Ferrari’s most beautiful models to date. The vehicle is so sought after that a GTO model of the car was also issued in 2010.

575M Maranello
Taking its name from the Italian town that has been the site of Ferrari’s main production factories since its inception, the 575M Maranello is largely an updated version of the 550 Maranello, only with several minor changes in performance. A striking two-seater model, the 575M was Ferrari’s prize vehicle from 2002- 2006 with brakes so advanced they are similar to Ferrari’s Formula One technology.

Ferrari F430
With a body styled after its predecessor, the Ferrari 360, the F430 upped the stakes of what a commercial Ferrari could achieve by greatly improving its aerodynamic efficiency by boasting a 500 HP engine with top speeds of 196 mph. It’s no wonder this car was the template for several other popular variant models like the Scuderia Spider 16M and the F430 Spider.

308 GTB
One of Ferrari’s best loved classic designs, the Ferrari 308 GTB was the very definition of sports car luxury during the 1970s and early 80s before it was updated as the 328 in 1985. Today the 308 GTB is something of a collector’s item and for many car enthusiasts its unique design and bodywork is the epitome of sports car appeal.

612 Scaglietti
The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is a particularly beautiful large two door fastback coupĂ© car. Its name is inspired by the Carrozzeria Scaglietti manufacturing plant in Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, Italy, but its design is a tribute to the custom Ferrari 375 MM that movie director Roberto Rossellini had custom made for his actress wife, Ingrid Bergman in 1954. The 612 Scaglietti was one of Ferrari’s most celebrated vehicles for the duration of its production between 2004- 2010.

Ferrari California
Perhaps the most popular Ferrari vehicle in the world right now, the California has been a huge success since its introduction in 2008. This convertible has sleek and sharp bodywork with a comfortable interior as stylish as the bodywork. The California is truly a Ferrari like no other, and the recent announcement that it will be upgraded for weight loss and engine tuning purposes will surely only serve to make it even more successful.

250 GTO
The 250 GTO is another of Ferraris best loved classic cars. However, despite being one of its most recognised vehicles, the 250 GTO was actually only produced for two years between 1962-1964. The car is so esteemed by collectors that in 2008 a 250 GTO sold for a record breaking 42 million US dollars.

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