Get Better Gas Mileage For Truck and Cars

Eleanor Hanson

With gas prices expected to hit four dollars per gallon any day now, is it any wonder that people are doing everything they can to increase their gas mileage? If you are worried about how much fuel your car is burning, this article will give you a few hints to help you get better gas mileage.

The best way to get the best mileage possible for your truck is to convert it to a water fueled truck. Using HHO fuel increases your gas mileage by leaps and bounds and it will save you a ton of money! After all, when you add the HHO fuel cell to your engine, you can go as long as a month (sometimes more) before you need to refuel your gasoline tank. The water takes care of the running of the car; the gasoline is hardly used at all.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage

1. Keep your air filters clean and replace them often.

2. Keep your vehicle as cool as possible. Gasoline does not need the engine to burn fuel. Heat from the sun can accomplish this as well (though at a much slower pace).

3. The weight of your car plays a large roll in your gasoline consumption. Keep your car as light as possible (though in some cases, carrying heavy loads can increase highway mileage quite a bit).

4. When you are on the freeway, don’t roll down your windows. Rolling down the windows causes air to enter your car and it creates a backwards pull on the vehicle. As your car fights this pull to keep going forward, it burns more fuel.

Why Does Gas Mileage Matter?

We’ve already talked about the price issue when it comes to gasoline. The other reason that you want to watch your gasoline consumption is the environment. The burning of gasoline releases many harmful gases into the atmosphere. Even with the increased safety emissions standards, no car burns completely clean (though water fueled cars are certainly better for the environment). The less gas you use, the less emissions are released!

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