High-Spec Street Hybrid Bikes From The Kona Dew Range

Eleanor Hanson

All the designs in the Kona Dew range epitomize good value street hybrid bikes, from a well-respected manufacturer, with tons of style.

They are hybrids that are predominantly directed towards street riding – to work and back say. But like any good hybrid they will also get you out on the lanes at the weekend. How do the various designs compare?

All are aluminium-framed, using 7005 alloy, butted for strength. The nicely sloped top tube gives you better standover clearance and means that all the designs are unisex. The frame geometry does differ between models however. They all have fittings for mudguards though – essential in a commuting bike.

They all have 700mm road wheels and all make use of Kona’s own design Project 2 aluminium fork (with the exception of the FS suspension model). All are fitted with triple chainsets – good for versatility and ease on hills and for distances.

The various models show enhancements and upgrades in the components you would expect – gears, brakes and wheelsets.

The Kona Dew City is the entry level model:-

  • 21 gears with useful ratios, from simple Shimano components. The EZ Fire shifters are superb to use.
  • V-brakes from Tektro – plenty of power and simple to maintain.
  • Kona Comfort saddle, flat pedals and wide 35mm tyres. A practical, usable bike.
  • Exceptionally competitive price.

Next in the range is the Kona Dew. It is identical to the Dew City in most respects. However there are:-

  • 24 gears in three slightly wider ranges.
  • Slightly improved front gear mech and wheel rims.
  • More heavy-duty V-brakes, although still Tektro.
  • A truly nice sensible and stylish bike.

The Kona Dew Plus is the next bike up the range. The main change here from the Dew is in the brakes:-

  • Shimano hydraulic disc system for enhanced power and weather performance.
  • Enhanced rear derailleur to Shimano Deore for more smoothness and reliability.

The Kona Dew Deluxe is the next model up:-

  • Twenty-seven gears from the upgraded Shimano 9 speed cassette.
  • Enhanced front derailleur, wheelsets, brakes and gear shifters.
  • A key change to the frame which now has a beautiful taper to the top tube.
  • Narrower 32 mm tyres for greater road performance, maybe at the expense of some off-road abilities.

The Kona Dew FS is the only model in the series to feature suspension:-

  • A Suntour suspension fork with lockout will help you to handle bad roads or uneven ground.
  • A suspension seatpost will smooth out more painful vibration.
  • More slope to the top tube.
  • Extra help on the hills from smaller chainrings.
  • Nicer shifting between chainrings from a better front derailleur
  • Superb value for a suspension bike.

Top of the range is the Kona Dr Dew, a no-compromise fast street bike, for quick commuting:-

  • Rigid Project Two front fork and tapered tube frame.
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for all-weather operation.
  • The larger chainrings and Shimano Sora road bike components demonstrate that this is a bike made for speed.
  • Improved wheel rims and a narrower saddle.
  • A better handlebar, together with lighter pedals.
  • Smart grey paintwork, enhanced by the graphics means that this is a bike that will get noticed.

So the Kona Dew series has a bike that will suit virtually everybody, with a great choice of specifications and competitive prices.

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