How to Convert Your Car to Run on Water – Save Money on Gasoline

Eleanor Hanson

Gas prices are continuously soaring, but if you don’t use your car on regular basis, this shouldn’t bother you at all. But if you use your car everyday then you should know how big of a problem this is. How do you lessen your gas expenses? A good solution would be to convert your car to run on water. Economists have forecasted that gas prices would double by next year.

So now that I have your attention, the question lingering on your mind would be “What benefits do I get from converting my car to run on water?”


– You will help with the fight to reduce pollution.
– You will increase your mileage by about to 60% but this varies depending on your car engine’s capacity.
– Increased mileage on your car means that you also save gas money.
– Your engine will run smoother. Why? Because every time you use your car powered by water, your engine is getting steam cleaned too.

So how do you go about this process? Its very simple and you don’t need any mechanical background to accomplish it. All you need to do is purchase some simple materials such as: a plastic container, some electrical wiring, and a few others that you could easily get from your local hardware store. The parts come cheap so you don’t have to spend a year’s salary to make your water conversion kit, it would only cost about 70 bucks of material.

The process of converting your car to run on water gets simpler and simpler after you’ve finished building the kit. If you do not know anything about cars then your first kit will take about 2 hours. But to really understand how this system works, you have to also know how water is converted into power. You should also know that water cannot solely power your car which is why you still need gasoline, but in smaller amounts.

The system more commonly known as the Hydrogen on Demand System what it does, basically, is to separate the Hydrogen Gas from the water. To do this, the chemical process called Electrolysis extracts the HHO gas from the water and then introduces the gas into your engine’s manifold. There the HHO gas mixes with the Gasoline resulting into what now powers your car. Since your car doesn’t only rely on gas, it burns less of it and thus giving you increased mileage, less pollution, more efficient gas consumption and the added bonus of saving you tons of money.

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