How to Maintain Your Diesel Generator

Eleanor Hanson

Whether your generator is a back-up, home-use affair, designed for emergencies only, or a constant-use, heavy-duty piece of kit, designed to keep your site powered 24/7, you need to take good care of your equipment.

If you are using your generator as a backup, it is important to regularly check and maintain it so that, if an emergency should arise, it will be in prime condition when you need it. On the other hand, for constant-use site equipment, regular maintenance will ensure your diesel generator runs smoothly, without any unexpected technical hitches which could put you and your work on the back-foot.

In this article we’ll be look at ways to look after your diesel generator and how to ensure it stays in good condition with the minimum fuss. For many larger companies, a full or part-time engineer is a good person to have on your team to ensure your diesel generator is ticking over. These engineers should have the know-how and expertise to keep your engine in fine working order.

Meanwhile, for smaller companies who rely less heavily on the power produced by their generator, a contract can be set up with their generator dealers or an electrical contractor. These professionals should know exactly how to follow the maintenance schedules set out by the company who has manufactured your diesel generator.

Manufacturers know their products better than anyone, this is why they are in the ideal position to predict the lifespan and maintenance requirements of each of their models. This gives you a very good idea of what needs to be done when, to keep your machine in great condition and to pre-empt any faults or problems before they arise.

Whoever your employ to take care of your machine, their key responsibilities should be to:

  • Know the technical details of your diesel generator as provided by the manufacturer
  • Inspect your generator in accordance with the information provided
  • Keep records of inspections and any work carried out on your diesel generator
  • Take precautionary measures to maintain the diesel generator as outlined in the manufacturer’s information

Some routine elements of inspection which should be conducted regularly to maintain your generator may include:

  • Inspection of fluid levels
  • Inspection of batteries and cleaning of the connections
  • Replacing air and fuel filters
  • Removal and upgrade of worn out components
  • Load bank testing
  • Inspection and verification of indicators and readings

The importance of logging and detailing of any maintenance work is essential. By recording any changes and alterations, your maintenance expert can monitor and predict any changes or issues, thus increasing safety and the longevity of your generator. The more ready you are for problems, the less down time you will experience.

Equally, staying on top of problems and providing maintenance and even replacement before your diesel generator breaks down, is a short term expense for long term gain. So stay on the ball!

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