How to Make Biodiesel Fuel – The Basics

Eleanor Hanson

What is Biodiesel fuel? Biodiesel fuel is a product of renewable sources and is an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuel. It is made from plants such as mustard, soy or corn. Biodiesel is devoid of petroleum products, is non-poisonous and biologically degradable. While burning biodiesel fuel emits fewer pollutants than the normal fuel. Since it does not contain petroleum components, it can be intermingled with petroleum to produce a mixture which can be used in various automobiles. Now the question arises ‘how to make biodiesel fuel’?

Biodiesel fuel is made by a process called transesterifiaction. The procedure comprises of the removal of the glycerin from the vegetable oil or fats. Once the process is finished, by-products like methyl esters and glycerin are left behind. The chemical components used to make biodiesel are Methanol, Lye and Isopropanol (that has to be used for titration).

Before you know the process of how to make biodiesel fuel, take a look at the hazards concerned. Lye is either NaOH or KOH. Both of them are dangerous and any contact with the skin or eyes should be prevented. While making biodiesel, make sure that children are kept away. Lye has a tendency to immediately react with aluminium, tin and zinc. Therefore make use of containers, which are made of plastic or steel.

In conventional fuels, there are elements like sulphur and compounds like aromatics. But biodiesel is free of these constituents.

You must be having the knowledge of how to make biodiesel fuel, but in addition you must be acquainted with the equipment engaged. You will need a plastic drum, a pipe, a valve, a motor and a thermometer.

All the apparatus used ought to be absolutely dried and devoid of water content. This is because lye rapidly absorbs water and this may harm the progress of the entire course of action.

Mix methanaol and lye in a container and case it firmly. Now shake the whole assortment vigorously at about 1000 rpm’s. The stirring should continue for at least 20-30 minutes. The mixture will become hot due to the reaction taking place inside. Stop the blending and leave the assortment overnight so that glycerol settles down and clear biodiesel floats above. The glycerol is then drained off from beneath through a pipe. A valve attached to the pipe regulates the control of the fluid.

By now you have become an expert on how to make biodiesel fuel.

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