Hybrid Cars are an Attempt to Make the Environment Green

Eleanor Hanson

As far as the progress in technology is concerned, these are perhaps one of the best inventions of technology. Now what are exactly hybrid cars? These cars have benefited the citizens of USA to a great extent in the sense that they have added a new tax incentive for these car owners.

These are actually fuel efficient car and it generally works on two types of motors. There is an electric-powered motor running on one hand while on the other hand there is a gasoline powered motor. Both these kinds of motors maintain a great balance and help to run the car in any kind of situation. The hybrid cars have a special system that can capture the braking energy so as to store it in an onboard battery.

When the car is in the idle stage for instance in the traffic signals or when the car is running at a low speed, the electric motors do not use energy at all. They get automatically turned off. On the other hand, when the hybrid cars run at higher speed they can give more power and run the car more efficiently.

When the hybrid cars run at higher speeds, the gas motor automatically gets kicked in to give a new feel to the driver while driving the car. While the car is in its running stage, the battery gets automatically charged. So when the battery gets low, the gas motor starts on its own and the electric battery starts getting charged. While charging, the hybrid never has to be plugged into the outlet. Even if the fuel gets over, the gasoline powered battery can greatly serve a good purpose in running the car efficiently.

The greatest benefit of the hybrid cars is that they are great to reduce the impact of air pollution on the environment. Normal cars emit a lot of fuel combustion containing carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. These are greatly harmful for the environment. The hybrid cars on the other hand do not produce any kind of smog or combustion consequently reducing the impact on the environment.

Thus these can serve a great purpose not only in terms of saving the environment from pollution but also from the shortage of fuel. When there is consequent shortage of fuel in the world, these would really serve a great utilitarian purpose.

It is because of these reasons that the popularity of the hybrid cars have increased to a great extent. Though they are little expensive and the complexity involved in the hybrid cars are quite huge yet when it comes to the great utility purpose of these cars, it certainly exceeds every thing. Apart from these, technology has also brought forward other models like Lexus LFA. This car conveys a high tech image and is also designed to save the environment.

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