If You Want a Luxury Car For Next to Nothing, Read On!

Eleanor Hanson

With the economy in such a perilous and frankly pitiable state, how can we (the buying public) be sure that when we buy important items of large monetary value that we aren’t going to get ripped off. After all, we are not exactly rolling around in cash ourselves at the moment.

My specific example comes from my experience of buying a Used Car, which can be something of a tricky situation if you aren’t extra vigilant. Vigilance is a key word and one that will serve you well in the Used Car market should you choose to follow its teachings to the letter.

As my search for a Used Car began, I noticed a rule that seemed to ring truer at every dealership I frequented; just because a car is cheap doesn’t mean that it is a bargain. Any money spent on a car that fails immediately is a complete waste, whether you spent a little or a lot.

My own personal recommendation (and the advice I ended up taking myself) is to buy a car like a Used Saab or something. I haven’t picked Saab as a manufacturer out of a hat, but read up on them in extensive web reviews, automotive blogs and other media. I began to see a pattern of satisfied customers emerging and decided to go with the general consensus and test drive one.

Test driving is pretty much the most important thing you can do whilst looking for a Used Car. Anyone who doesn’t test drive is going to end up with a car they wish they hadn’t handed the money over for. It makes sense to thoroughly test any car you are considering, used or otherwise.

I have now been driving my Used Saab for a few months and have been very happy, but only because I was vigilant and took it out for a thorough test before I paid.

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