Lincoln – Entering the New Levels of Luxury

Eleanor Hanson

Lincoln was known for the luxurious automobiles and the fame of the company was even more increased when the name of the Zephyr was added to the list of the Lincoln fold. The main design of the Zephyr was based on the Mazda 6 and some of the components of the car are same with the Ford Fusion. Besides this, the car is designed to do mainly 2 things: one is to attract the young generation to the showrooms of the Lincoln and other is to invoke the people to note the aging Town car.

Specification of the engine and other features of the Lincoln:

When the new models of the Lincoln were launched in the market, it was released with the single transmission/engine which was combined and the horsepower of the engine was measured as the 210 horsepower. The capacity of the engine was 3 liter and was named as V6 which can provide automatic transmission up to six speeds. Besides this, with the upcoming the new models of Lincoln the all the versions of the wheel drive were also available to the customers.

Some of the other features of the Lincoln models are:
– Leather seating with the availability of the 5 passengers.
– Air conditioning facility with dual zone air.
– Heated seats at front.
– Front passenger seats and also the adjustable driver seat in 10 ways.
– Advance ABS system which constitutes the 4 wheel disc brakes.
– Door trims and also the wood instrument panel.
– Air bags on both the sides of Passengers and the drivers.
– Facility of the traction control.

History of the models of the Lincoln: –

The naming of the model of the Lincoln of Zephyr was taken from the name of the Mercury Zephyr which was in the time period of 1980. The main reason behind this was that the Mercury Zephyr was known as the most unforgettable car of the Ford Motor Company at that time of the era. Now when it came back to the history, the models of the Lincoln were mainly sold from 1936 to 1942.

The initial model was introduced in the market with the V12 engine model with sleek line along with the tail and long shaper trunk. This made the models of the Lincoln even more attractive and effective and the sales of the successive models of the Lincoln was never stopped from that time. This helps the company in recapturing the whole auto market.

With its huge success and selling and manufacturing of the Lincoln models, Lincoln is providing a tough competition to the big brands like Mercedes and BMW and making is setting its place in the level of the luxury vehicles.

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