Living Vicariously Through Rich People in Your Fantasy World

Eleanor Hanson

Brad Pitt. Tom Cruise. Julia Roberts. Matt Damon. What do these people have in common? They’re all famous movie stars. And RICH!

Bill Gates. Sergey Brin. Warren Buffet. Donald Trump. What do these people have in common? They’re famous business people. And RICH!

Brad Duke. Felipe Pina. Andrew Jackson Whittaker Jr. Neal Wanless. What do these people have in common? They’re lottery jackpot winners. And RICH!

You probably recognize many, if not most, of the names above. That’s because those people are rich and famous. In your fantasy world, you probably dream of living a life of luxury with mansions, exotic cars, and vacations to world-wide hotspots, just like these people do. But the problem is that these people have the means to live the life for real because they’re rich and you’re not.

Of course, very few people have the money to live the life of luxury. But that shouldn’t stop you from fantasizing. Fantasies are healthy. That’s probably a big reason why many people live vicariously through rich people. It’s one of the reasons why they buy books about them or, even, search online news about them. They like to dream about what it’s like to live that type of life. And, to many, these rich people are an inspiration to work hard so that they, too, could one day be rich.

Fantasizing and living vicariously through rich people is good and healthy, as long as it inspires you to work hard and be successful in your own life. Everybody wants money and wants to be rich. So, keep at it and maybe you will join the list one day.

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