Mark Devon Bennett Story

Eleanor Hanson

Mark grew up to be a great figure of a man and person. By the time he completed high school he had start on his path to become an automotive mechanic. By the time he was 41 years of age he had a strong career as a mechanic and had been a successful body builder and model. Like most people he had more than his share of up and downs. Depending on whom you ask more downs then up. However he continued to have a positive outlook and a smile. Mark is one of those people that loved life. He is also the type of person that you enjoyed being around. As he searched for the dream he experienced a few night mares. You ladies know who you are and if you do not we know who you are so please feel free to ask us. If you do not what to ask us just ask the Bishop he will tell you. Anyway back to mark he is a guy that loved life and his children.

On May 21, 1967 Mark was born to his mother Hessie Mae and father Ralph. He was born in Mt. Vernon New York in Mt. Vernon Hospital. Mark a very lovable and intelligent person did well in most things that he liked growing up. In Mark’s younger years he also excelled in activities like roller-skating and bike riding. He was also what you would call a bit of a ladies’ man. He had a smile that could warm the coldest heart. In his younger years he spent a lot of time with his older brother. In the earlier they were always together. If you ask Mark his brother taught him a little bit of everything from riding a motorcycle to auto mechanic. As his brother I can tell you that I may have shown him a lot of things. However mark excelled in most of the things that he found of interest, these became his passions.

Even when mark was a little guy he had a natural ability. Like in roller skates as a child he was amazing. He has one brother Zurriane and one sister Katinia. Mark graduated Mt. Vernon high school and then MTA Mechanics School. After living in the Westchester New York area for many years Mark moved to Reidsville, North Carolina with his mother and sister Katinia Bennett. This was in the mid 1980’s. After a few years he left the nest and relocated again in Greensboro, North Carolina. His older brother had entered the United States Marine Corps in 1981 before this move when his sister and brother where young. There is a five year difference between mark and his brother. When Mark’s brother left for the service Mark became the third man of the house. Just like his brother he watched over and spent a lot of time with his little sister. Mark’s loves where his Family, Children, Friends, and Church. His also had several other passions like his house, car, motorcycle, modeling, body building and life.

Mark a certified automotive mechanic worked for several companies. Then became a very good self employed mechanic working on both cars and motorcycles. Mark a very body and health minded person entered several body building competitions. I am and will always be very proud of him.

1. Winning Light weight 2002 Renaissance Men’s open – 2 Place.
2. Novice – Tall class 2001 – 1st Place
3. Elite Muscle Class 1998, Novice Men’s – 2nd Place

Mark also a Car enthusiast entered and received recognition in several shows.

1. Strike of Lighting Bike and Car Fest – 2001 – 1st Place
2. 2nd Annual Strike of Lighting Bike and Car Fest – 2002 – 1st Place
3. Fiesta Car Show – 2002 – 2nd Place

Mark was married four times and has a total of 9 children. He fathered Demarcus, Ladarius, Tyreick, Markeeta, Nigeria, Ahsia, Isaiha, and Amya Peak. Mark’s brother Zurriane, sister Katrinia, Mother Hessie and sister in-law Danielle. He had a nephew Zurian, Xavier and niece Anjelica. Mark had been married to his present wife for 5 month on the day that he passed.

Mark sadly passed on July 14, 2008. He was sitting on his Suzuki motorcycle sport-bike when he had a heart attack. He had just raced some guy and was only sitting on his bike when the heart attack hit him. He had a doctor appointment earlier that day on Monday that he made and had his blood work done. He was scheduled for appointment with his cardiologist for a heart exam on Tuesday morning. However he passed at approximately 11:00 on Monday night.

Mark service Home Coming Service filled the Power House of Deliverance Cathedral on July 19, 2008 in Greensboro North Carolina. There was standing room only. The Bishop W.L. Washington conducted a fantastic service. The Bishop was not only Mark’s Bishop he was also like a father to him. Mark did not have much in the way of money but with the help of his brother, sister, mother and the help of Bishop Washington and his ministry Mark went out with honor. He would have been very happy with his service.

He was preceded in death by his father Frank, grand parents, Eugene and Jessie. Please know that mark lives in us all.

Mark will be greatly missed by all.

Mark will also be honored at the annual Martial Arts event on August 9, 2008. The event will be in the Washington DC metro area. This event will be dedicated to his memory and warrior spirit. Mark was not a martial artist however is was an artist in his own way.

The moral of this story is we all have only a short time on this earth. Use your time wisely.

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