Pay Less For Your Fuel

Eleanor Hanson

There is a very simple method for reducing your fuel costs by as much as 20% – its as elementary as getting your engine to run more efficiently. And the great thing is you don’t have to be an engineer, mechanic or know anything about cars, trucks or generators. In fact, if you know how to put gas in your car, or diesel in your truck, then you can do it.

Most of us are wasting 15-20% of the gas we put into our tanks because this is how much gasoline comes out our tail pipes as smog and pollution. In money terms, this is around $8 for every $40 you spend at the pump. There aren’t many of us who are wealthy enough that we can throw away this money on a regular basis, but most of us are doing just that.

You see, engines don’t actually use the gasoline in the form we put it into our cars. It needs to be turned into a vapor and then mixed with oxygen to create a rich oxygen/gasoline mixture. This is what the fuel injection system of your car does. If you have an older vehicle, the carburettor performs this task.

However only around 30-50% of the gas going into your car is properly vaporized for ignition. 15-20% is unburnt because of the size of the gasoline molecules (this is what comes out the tailpipe, leaving the black gunk inside the pipe).

More of the energy created in your engine is wasted because of wear and tear on engine components, heat loss, and cooling energy – up to 80% wasted energy.

That’s technical enough. What it means though is that each time you add fuel to your tank, you are getting ripped off – firstly because of the high gas price, and again because so much of that gas is wasted.

However, by reformulating your fuel, you will almost eliminate this waste and genuinely save on gas. Oil companies know that that by spreading out the gasoline particles, they burn better. By doing this they have created their various grades of gasoline – basic, premium, plus etc. Naturally, the charge a lot extra for it.

By getting more air into the gasoline you can do the same, and it is cheap and easy to do. And not surprising, the petroleum companies are less than happy that the secret is out.

Using just one ounce of the best quality fuel reformulator, every time you fill up, you will:

* naturally lubricate your engine, increasing its life and reducing wear and tear

* give you a 7-19% mileage increase by reformulating the fuel

* reduce toxic emissions from your engine by at least 30%

Fuel reformuators should not be confused with the ‘fuel additives’ found on automotive shop shelves. They not only cost a lot, but are gasoline or alcohol based and fail to provide the engine-care and results a top-notch fuel reformulator.

By increasing your fuel economy, giving you a 7-19% mileage per gallon increase, you will need to fill up less often and thereby reduce your gas price over a period.

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