Power Wheels Jeep Rubicon

Eleanor Hanson

The Fisher Price Power Wheels Jeep Rubicon is maybe the best toy car you can find. It is a real electric powered jeep, using a 12 Volt rechargeable battery. 10 years ago one couldn’t say it was a real jeep, but now, since there are more and more alternative fuel technologies implemented in automobile manufacturing, we can safely say that it is, in fact, the real thing.

Of course, it is much smaller and less autonomous than dad’s big car, but it’s great for backyard fun and adventure! And be sure you have your kid drive this thing only in the back yard, because the wheels are made out of hard plastic, and these could ruin your tile floors if you allow him access into the house. Also, because of the plastic wheels, you will need to let your kid know that he or she should stay away from rocks and paved alleys when driving the Rubicon, because they might crack at one point. However, if such a thing does happen, it’s not a problem, because replacement wheels can be bought at relatively low prices.

The Power Wheels Jeep Rubicon has two seats and one rear storage compartment, and lots of parents said that they considered these features very important. It’s got two gears for different speeds, and one reverse gear. Your child will have a blast driving this four-wheeled monster! It has grab bars for support when tackling “rough terrains”, it looks fantastic (even has real-looking headlights and everything) and an all-important speed limiter, for the cautious parents who won’t let their child drive at 5 Mph, which is the maximum speed of the vehicle.

By comparison with its better performing and better known sibling, the Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane, the Rubicon is less than half the price, so it is quite an attractive option for parents who don’t want to spend too much cash on toy cars.

This toy is recommended for kids between 3 and 7 years of age, and it is indeed the perfect gift for any child, especially because, for them, it’s a great way to mimic mom and dad’s “grown-up” way of living, and you know that every child in the world does this. They just can’t wait to grow up, don’t they? What is even more important is that they will probably learn why it’s better to drive safely, because they will surely bump into things at first, and this is a thing that will possibly be very useful when they grow up and get their license.

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