Preparation Guide on How to Convert Your Car to a Water Hybrid?

Eleanor Hanson

Drivers are bombarded with non-stop increase on fuel costs but while they stand the headache, some reap the fruits of the water-powered car technology. This has been the subject of automotive researches since the 18th century and was never given enough attention, until this day.

Why does hydrogen fuel click to the mass? Water-powered vehicles use hydrogen fuel to run. This kind of fuel, also called HHO (Hydrogen Hybrid Oxygen) or brown’s gas, is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen contained in the water which is extracted when heat processed.

The results of using hydrogen fuel vary depending on the car you use, but in terms of benefits, those who have switched are happy running at 60% increased car mileage, with almost 50% savings on their weekly gas budget. Mostly, their water-powered cars do not emit carbon dioxide but oxygen, thus cleaning the air.

Moreover, hydrogen fuel is engine-friendly. Because it’s clean, the engine does not get clogged with unburned gasoline, reason why engines on water run smoothly. Drivers may also be worried about the IRS troupe. Relax. This modification is recognized so your warranty is safe.

How to convert your car to a water hybrid is another question. This may sound a bit complicated but it is actually easy when you have a detailed manual ready to help you out. You can find a lot of resources on the net including tutorial videos, e-books with comprehensive diagrams, and specialty home pages where you will directed to hundreds of related sites. Establishing a plan on how to convert your car to a water hybrid is the first step.

When you already have your planner, you buy all the materials needed next. Hardware stores in town can provide all you need without spending too much. At most, you will cash out $150. At least, you can have them all for $50 if you are resourceful enough. You will need catalyst, connectors and cables, heater, vaporizer, electrolyzer, ordinary tap water, and electricity.

Assembling your own HHO kit is simple. You just need details and for as long as you have basic knowledge on machinery and electricity, you will succeed. First, you interconnect the car engine, battery, ignition switch, carburetor, and the water container. Then, you will need at least 12 volts of electricity to generate HHO. This process usually takes less than 10 minutes and you’re all set. It’s that easy!

If you are hoping to convert your car to a water hybrid but feel it’s a risk, it’s all worth it. There’s no harm in trying especially that this is absolutely safe.

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