Pros and Cons of Using Electric Chainsaws

Eleanor Hanson

Electric chainsaws arrived much later than the gasoline-driven models, which were in use for logging since the 1920s. Chainsaws running by means of electric motors gained popularity rapidly among saw-users on account of several advantages. Unlike the gasoline-powered models, electric versions appeared as smaller, lighter, and more easily manageable devices that could be used by laymen for managing their home-gardens. In addition, their maintenance is easier and cheaper than their petrol-driven competitors.

Electric chainsaws also offer the great advantage of being environmental-friendly i.e. free of any toxic emissions. However, the electric type has also some disadvantages or limitations as compared to a gasoline chainsaw.

Advantages of Electric Chainsaws

Using these chainsaws offers a number of advantages over using a gasoline-operated saw. A major advantage of working with an electric vs. gasoline is the reduced risk of kickback-a potentially life-threatening situation occurring when the saw’s bar jerks back toward the user after the bar’s end hits some obstruction.

The electric type is run by less power than a gasoline saw and hence it has a lower chance of making a kickback. Secondly, using them obviates the trouble of waiting for the engine to cool down (as is the case with a gasoline chainsaw) in order to refuel it. All the user needs to do with an electric is plug it back into the mains. These chainsaws are also much easier to start and they are much less noisy than gasoline chainsaws. This latter quality makes them ideal for use in quiet neighborhoods. Finally, they can be stored more easily than a gasoline-operated saw, which needs to be drained of gas and oil before storing in a vertical position.

Disadvantages of Electric Chainsaws

Working with the electric also has some disadvantages or limitations. The major limitation on using them is that of power. Compared with the more powerful gasoline chainsaws with their two-cycle engines, they are significantly lower on power. Hence, it is not very useful in felling heavy loads and is equipped with a much smaller cutter bar i.e. 8 to 15 inches. Another limitation on the usability of the electric version is the power cord that connects it to the source of electric power. The length of the cord determines the mobility of the saw-operator and it is not feasible for him/her to use it far from the power source or outside home. Finally, these chainsaws are specially designed for maximum safety, which makes it difficult for the user to adjust or oil the chainsaw’s parts.

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