Racing Gets Ford Customers

Eleanor Hanson

Aside from the best vehicles and good performance cars, the Ford Motor Company is also known for other things. In fact, the company is much known for the races that it sponsors every year. From Western Canada up to the dry and hot roads of Mexico City, this auto maker makes sure that they continue their tradition of sponsoring car races. It does not matter where the races are held for the company – city streets, speedways, dirt tracks, and even on drag strips.

Dan Davis is the director for Ford Racing Technology and he claims, “What we’re trying to do with the racing program is build loyalty to the racing brand. Then when fans are ready to buy a car, our products get consideration.” With that, one can surely see that the company is doing such so as to get to the hearts of the auto market. In fact, the Ford Motor Company believes that with racing, the brand image of Ford is greatly enhanced.

Aside from this, it could also be deduced that racing also enables companies in the auto parts business to further up their creations and innovations for Ford parts. Ford parts could even include the not only parts and accessories for contemporary and racing vehicles but they could even include accessories and parts for old Ford vehicles like Ford Fairlane restoration parts.

According to a research done by the Ford Motor Company, more than half of the company’s customers are actually fans of racing. Mostly, these fans are followers of NASCAR which is one of the largest racing events in the country. Mel Poole, the owner of Sponsor Logic which is a sponsorship consulting firm that is based in North Carolina, even adds, “NASCAR fans are the most brand-loyal of any consumer group in the US.” And along that line of thought, one could certainly say that the customers that Ford is getting surely are going to stay with them for a long time.

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