Soccer For Kids is Self Explanatory

Eleanor Hanson

Kids soccer has monopolised the hearts of all young children. Lets be honest, who hasn’t dreamt of playing on the biggest stage? Who hasn’t admired the money, sponsors and exotic cars? But the problem is kids soccer is for the kids, not us, the parents.

Soccer for kids is self-explanatory don’t you think? It’s for the kids and not the egomaniacs trying to coach themselves to the top. It’s for the kids not the money hungry parents that surround the field like money hungry zombies.

Soccer for kids should be like watching the Wonder Years. It should be about love, chasing your dreams with the support of a loving, at times, dysfunctional family.

Today’s kid’s soccer resembles that of a horror movie. The following scenes may contain coarse language, adult themes, violence and may not be suitable for children.

So what has happened to kids soccer?

The last time I checked it was still a game played with a ball and two goals. It was still played for ninety minutes and the objectives have not changed one bit. So what’s going on? What has changed? Why has the fun and enjoyment left the game?

Could it be the promise of inflated pay packets and stardom? Could it be the parents living their past failures through their children? Are parents in pursuit of the money at the expense of their children?

Kids soccer is soccer for kids, not soccer for disgruntled money hungry parents. Think about that next time you decide to put unnecessary pressure on your child. Soccer at a young is about fun, fitness, friendships and developing social skills that will last a lifetime. Money or even winning isn’t a high priority for youngsters.

Just like Kevin Arnold pursued Winnie Cooper in the Wonder years, your child should be given the choice to pursue his or her own soccer dreams. The Wonder years are just that, years. Don’t be the reason why your child quits the game and more importantly, never jeopardise the future of your child by placing unrealistic demands on them.

Let your children play like free spirits and without the limitations of fear.

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