Supercar Profile – Ferrari FF

Eleanor Hanson

The Ferrari FF represents a number of firsts for Ferrari, and no, FF does not stand for Ferrari Firsts, although, perhaps it should. The FF actually stands for Ferrari Four. The car is a four seater, which is replacing the outgoing Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. However, Ferrari have made a number of four seaters before so that’s not it. No, the second F stands for Four Wheel Drive. This is the first time that Ferrari has used four wheel drive on a road going production car.

Four wheel drive is not the only first for this car though. You cannot fail to notice the design of the FF as it is a radical departure from cars that have gone before it. The design is called ‘shooting brake’ and could be seen as a cross between a coupe and an estate car. The other way of looking at it is – it’s a hatchback! The interior space that this creates allows for up to 400 litres of luggage, but, wait for it, the rear seats also fold down allowing for this capacity to be doubled. Can you imagine doing you DIY shopping and being able to fit everything in the back of your Ferrari!

However, this is no Ford Focus. This hatchback has a mighty V12 engine sat up front which produces a heady 660 bhp and 504lb ft of torque. That’s good enough to propel the Ferrari FF from zero to 62mph in 3.7 seconds, thanks in part to the 7 speed dual clutch transmission already in use in the Ferrari 458 Italia and the California. The top speed is not to be sniffed at either – 208mph. By the way, the engine at over 6.2 litres is the most powerful engine Ferrari have ever put into a production car and you may find it quite remarkable that such a unit returns a rather respectable (for this sort of car) 18mpg.

The bodywork design is from Ferrari’s favourite style house, Pininfarina, but you wouldn’t think so to look at it, such is the departure from previous designs. To be honest I think it is going to be a love it or hate it design but one thing is for sure, it certainly will turn heads.

It is quite clear too, that Ferrari is trying to increase the size of their target market with this car too. The four wheel drive system for example means that it will be driveable in many more variable road conditions, including rain and snow. The shooting brake design means that the car is also practical to use every day as you no longer need to make a choice between bringing the kids or the shopping back from the supermarket.

If this is the shape of things to come from Ferrari then I can’t wait to see what the replacement for the 599 will look like.

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