SUV Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Convert Your Sport Utility Vehicle to Run on Water

Eleanor Hanson

A Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is notorious for its fuel consumption. With its heavy chassis weight, large tire and wide body, the vehicle has very low mileage due to high amount of drags and wind resistance. The recent gasoline price hike, SUV owners are really feeling the pinch. Their option is to either sell their SUV and get a more fuel economy sedan or use a cheaper alternative fuel source. One suggestion if to use a SUV hydrogen fuel cell. What is the science behind this technology? This article will share some information on the subject.

The SUV hydrogen fuel cell uses hydrogen gas (H2) as a supplementary energy source for the engine. H2 can be generated from water through an electrolysis device. We know that water is made for the elements of hydrogen molecules and oxygen atom. By collecting the hydrogen gas produced from electrolysis, the idea is to vent it into the engine combustion chambers. When the SUV is moving, the engine will suck in air and the hydrogen gas to be mixed with gasoline vapor and ignited.

The gas mixture in the engine chambers will produce a much larger explosion due to the high potency of hydrogen gas hence generating a higher engine output. In theory, if a vehicle is using the same amount of fuel and is generating high engine torque, the vehicle potentially will travel further thus increasing its mileage. By using H2 in the engine, you are converting your SUV into a hydrogen hybrid which is more fuel efficient.

To implement the SUV hydrogen fuel cell is a simple process. You can do the conversion yourself or if you want to, ask a mechanic to assist you. Most of the components required are common parts available from a hardware store. You will need to get a step by step instructional guide for the project.

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