Take a Dodge Challenger on a Las Vegas Excursion to Lake Mead

Eleanor Hanson

Sebrina is a great car for a Las Vegas excursion. She looks like such an historic masterpiece that a run on the Strip might do her in, but her GM 350 V8 engine would say differently. This revamped model of the 1965 Austin Healey-Sebring MX has twice the horsepower of the original model, making it all the racecar that it used to be and more. And if it’s cloud of dust wasn’t eye-catching enough, its yellow exterior will be more than enough to turn heads, in the best way.

Another option, the 2008 Dodge Challenger, can intimidate without even moving. Dyna will use her supercharged hemi to get right down to business, and her 600+ horsepower engine doesn’t need to ask twice to get other cars to move out of the way. This muscle car waits to take you to any of the many things to do in Las Vegas, including scenic areas outside of the city, like Lake Mead.

The recent draught has not lessened Lake Mead’s beauty at all-some have actually said that the area has grown even more picturesque. All the same activities are still there to take advantage of, including swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, and water skiing. Lake Mead fills in all the gaps that the city of Las Vegas tours aren’t always able to fill, so it’s excellent that the lake is only about a half hour away. Besides the day trip option to Lake Mead, there are also campsites so you can be sure to take in all the lake has to offer.

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