Testing The 2007 Saturn Aura Power

Eleanor Hanson

The Saturn Aura is a new entrant in the automotive world. It is manufactured by the great General Motors and it would be available in the market just starting this 2007. It took the spot that used to belong to the Saturn L Series.

This new 2007 vehicle has been built as an entrant to the midsize class of vehicles and it comes as a sedan that holds four doors and the best Saturn auto parts. It has been built using the FF Epsilon platform. Engine choices for this vehicle include a 2.4 liter BAS hybrid engine, a 3.5 liter LZ4 V6 engine, and a 3.6 liter LY7 V6 engine. Considered as competition, the Honda Accord, Volkswagen Passat, and Toyota Camry better be on the lookout for this new vehicle.

Though this vehicle is marketed under the Saturn brand which has already gained a name for vehicles that do not make much of a difference, the Saturn Aura actually has a charm of its own. Despite it being the newest in the Saturn range, the Saturn Aura is considered to be the best product and vehicle that the brand has to offer in the market.

If you do take a closer look at the Saturn Aura, you would see that it might just be targeted towards the European market. You see, it has a good amount of space and room for both the front and the rear. It also is the proud owner of a hydraulic power steering which is quite quick when used. The hydraulic power that the Saturn Aura has is also just right weight which is a good sign in a vehicle like this one.

The base model of the Saturn Aura is the XE and this one comes with a 3.5 liter SOHC engine. The engine has the capacity to produce some 224 units of horsepower plus 220 pound feet of torque. Up next is the Saturn Aura XR which has a more sophisticated engine – the DOHC 3.6 liter V6 engine. This one has the capacity to create 252 units of horsepower and 251 pound feet of torque.

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