The Honda CRZ – A New Car With a Very Unique Design

Eleanor Hanson

The Honda CRZ is an impressive car in the line-up of Honda, and the abbreviation CRZ, refers to Compact Renaissance Zero. It is a hybrid gasoline electric automobile, which was planned and developed for production by the Japanese automaker Honda. The body style of the car is hatchback. Initially CRZ was released as a concept car by CEO of Honda Takeo Fukui on 23rd of October, 2007 at the Tokyo Auto Show held in 2007. Later on, Fukui announced that a production model is under progress and the car is meant to be incredibly efficient, cheap and sporty. Honda CRZ was first produced in America at the Detroit North American International Auto Show held in 2008. It uses the Integrated Motor Assist System of Honda.

Two hybrid concept cars were introduced after the production of CRZ. One is Honda Remix, which was released at the Los Angeles Motor Show held in 2006. The other one was the Honda Small Hybrid Sports, which was released at the Geneva Motor Show held in 2007. The CRZ with four seats is considered as the spiritual heir to the second generation of Honda CRX in both design and name.

According to the reports of Automotive News Europe, Honda plans to flatten the production of CRZ in the year 2009 or 2010, initially in Europe, before elaborating the distribution and production to other nations of the world. The approximate cost of the Honda CRZ is 25,000 Euros and primarily pitched to the markets of Europe. The cost of the car will be 28,000 Euros along with higher trim models. Due to the importance of Honda CRZ on the continent of Europe, Mark Turner of Honda UK says that there will be a lot of influence by Europe on the final stage of design of the car.

Many reports made by Edmunds inside-line suggest that the arrival of Honda CRZ in North America will be after the launch of Honda Insight in the early times of 2009, which is a hybrid vehicle with five doors. Confirmation about the production of Honda CRZ was granted at the 2008 end of the year speech, which was given by Takeo Fukui. From the speech the production of CRZ will be started by the end of the year 2010. After the production of the car, it will become a model which provides a new value of the joy of driving, which can be provided only by a hybrid vehicle.

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