The New Toyota Prius – A Popular Hybrid Car

Eleanor Hanson

The best selling and most popular hybrid car in the world right now is once again the Toyota Prius. The release of the Prius in 1997 launched the movement towards hybrids. Initially, the Prius didn’t sell very well at all, however, sales start to increase as more models were introduced. In 2003 Toyota came out with their second generation hybrid vehicle making it car of the year according to Motor Trend.

People are buying hybrids not just for environmental and health issues, but also due to soaring gas prices. Out of all the available hybrid cars to select from on the market, the Prius is top of the list because of the price and simplicity.

The second generation of this car has improved upon the first one in many important ways. While the first version of the Toyota Prius had excellent fuel efficiency, air conditioning was the sole option available. Compared to the original, the enhanced version is roomier, faster and flashier. It is the first sedan of its class and size and has won numerous awards.

It employs the Synergy hybrid system used by all of Toyota’s hybrid vehicles. It has a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine with smart valve timing along with an eternal magnet Ac synchronous motor. It has 110 horsepower (combining electric power with gas power) and 46 mpg fuel economy (city and highway mileage combined, as rated by EPA).

It also has an electronically controlled continuous variable transmission, anti-lock system and regenerative breaking. Benefits include 89% less emissions and tax credits.

Power windows, cloth seats, micron filter air-conditioners, cruise control, door locks, and keyless remote entry are included as standard features in the second generation Toyota Prius.

Climate, audio, and cruise control can be controlled remotely though switches on the steering wheel. A navigational system with bluetooth is one of the options customers have when buying the vehicle. The ignition is tuned on by a power button instead of the key which make it different to any other hybrid on the market. The dashboard contains an energy motor that tracks the power flow between the batteries, engine, and electric motor.

Although there appear to be more stylish hybrids on the road, the Toyota Prius stands out due to fuel efficiency, affordable prices and eco friendly features. If you’re looking for practicality why not choose the pioneer?

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