The Untold Trucks Fuel Saving Secrets – Trucks Running on Water

Eleanor Hanson

Most truck owners love their vehicle. This is because a truck is very dependable, versatile and can haul heavy loads from one location to another without much problem. Unfortunately, just like any vehicle, a truck is highly dependent on fossil fuel. With the recent global crude oil shortage, local gasoline prices have shoot through the roof. This has caused many challenges to truck owners because of the sudden inflated gasoline bill. Are there any ways to reduce the fuel cost? Most people do not know of a truck fuel saving secret. The vehicle can easily be converted to run on water. How is it possible? This article will shed some light on the science behind a truck running on water.

Generally, all trucks have an internal combustion engine to generate power to move the vehicle. The basic engine design is to use fossil fuel. Most people do not know, the same engine set up can also be used to burn hydrogen gas (H2). The H2 for truck can easily be generated from water with an electrolysis device. From elementary science, we understand that water is the product of 2 molecules of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen hence the name H2O. Hydrogen gas produced from the electrolysis process can be used as an alternative fuel for trucks.

It is not feasible yet to run an engine with purely hydrogen gas. However, a truck engine can burn gasoline mixed with H2 just fine. The concept of modifying a truck to run on water fuel is to release the collected hydrogen gas into the engine air intake system. When the engine is running, H2 will be channeled into the combustion chambers and burn. The gas mixture has a potential to generate a much stronger explosion in the engine.

In theory, when a truck is consuming the same amount of gasoline and achieving a bigger engine output, the vehicle is capable of traveling further thus increasing its mileage. Improved mileage means fuel cost savings. Most people do not believe that a truck can be converted to run on water. In actual fact, it is quite easy to modify a truck engine to use hydrogen fuel. To make the conversion, you will need a good instructional blue print.

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