Trendy Invicta and Stuhrling Watches

Eleanor Hanson

Staying on top of trends in the watch industry is a full time job. Every season designers and watchmakers alike come out with so many new models. Certain trends come and go but a classic style never goes out of fashion. This season there are some great watches by Stuhrling, Invicta, and Michael Kors, just to name a few.

The Invicta Russian Diver series is a good hybrid of stylish craftsmanship and rugged utilitarianism. As the name suggests, most of these watches are very water resistant; they can be submerged over 300 feet and still function properly. The watches are available in a number of styles, shapes, and prices. Some are clearly more ornamental than others, but each watch is both functional and fashionable.

Stuhrling has some impressive skeleton watches this year. The motion of the watch gears is so elegant you could watch it for hours. The Stuhrling Original 107A Apollo Automatic Skeleton Mens Watch is a beautiful example of how mesmerizing a skeleton watch can be and features gold plated gears. It is a bit large, but most people enjoy that style.

For a more contemporary look for a much lower price, check out the Stuhrling 238 Ultra Slim Newberry Classic Swiss Mens Watch. Its signature black color and varying pattern makes it quite the trendy piece. And, its standard black color makes it a classic that complements any outfit. It is the men’s equivalent of a little black dress. It makes a great and affordable gift for any young man.

Women also have some great choices this season from Stuhrling. Avoid the garish Daphne Girls, Gatsbys, Starlets, Cupids, and Aphrodities; these watches are tacky and expensive. If that is the look you are going for, save yourself the money and buy an off brand $20 watch.

Now that you know what to avoid let’s talk about the breakout stars of the line. The Lady Wall Street watches are a colorful but classy collection. The same could be said about the Madames and Fougeres.

To really turn heads though, the Stuhrling 145D Daisy Swiss Slim Diamond Women’s Watch is a striking choice. This deco inspired masterpiece is the high of Stuhrling elegance. The face on this watch is beautiful and elegant. It is the only piece in the Gatsby series that lives up to its name.

Just remember, do not settle this season, you have lots of options.

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