Truck Fuel Saving Device – The Amazing Truth of Using Water to Save Truck Fuel Cost

Eleanor Hanson

A truck is truly a wonderful machine. From its durable design to its spacious interior, trucks are in a class of its own. However, the recent global crude price hike has created a lot of problems for many car owners. This is because the increase of raw crude oil has caused local gasoline prices to shoot through the roof. The effect on truck owners is greater due to the vehicle high fuel consumption. Are there any ways to improve a truck fuel mileage? One solution is to install a truck fuel saving device next to the engine. How does the device work? This article will provide some information on the amazing truth of using water as fuel on trucks.

In general, the fuel saving device on truck uses hydrogen gas (H2) as a secondary energy source for the engine. An internal combustion engine is designed to burn fossil fuel to generate power. The same design can also be used to burn hydrogen gas. H2 used on trucks can be generated from water through an electrolysis process. This is possible because water is made from 2 units of hydrogen and one unit of oxygen thus its name H2O. The idea of using a water fuel saving device is to generate hydrogen gas and releasing it into the engine air intake system.

When a truck engine is engaged, it will suck air and the hydrogen gas into the combustion chambers. By mixing H2 with gasoline fume, it has a potential to produce a stronger explosion due to the high potency of hydrogen gas. In theory, when a truck is burning the equal amount of gasoline with a higher engine power, it is capable of travelling further thus increasing its mileage. Higher fuel mileage equals to cost savings for the truck owners. The system is also environmentally friendly because the only by product of the device is water vapor released into the exhaust pipe.

To implement a water fuel saving device on truck is not a difficult process. Anyone with some vehicle maintenance knowledge will be able to do the conversion. What you will need are the design blue prints and a step by step guide to implement the device to the engine. There are many water to fuel conversion procedure guides available on the internet.

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