Water Fueled Cars – Save Gasoline With Water Fueled Cars

Eleanor Hanson

All of the world transportation system is heavily dependent on fossil fuel. The world’s demand for crude oil is increasing rapidly and the supply is not able to catch up. That has caused gasoline prices to shoot through the roof and many people are adversely affected by it. Some people have no choice but to abandon their vehicle and use the public transportation. Unfortunately, this option is not always viable. How can we remove our vehicle dependency on fossil fuel? One solution to this issue is to use water fueled cars. How feasible is this technology and how much would it cost? This article will provide some information on the subject.

Many drivers around the world are not very sure about using water fueled cars. This is because most of the scientific proof and reports were not available to the public. However, converting water to power a car holds a lot of potential and one can expect it to be big in the future.

The science behind water fuel cars is to install an electrolysis device to the engine. Water alone will not be able to power a vehicle. However, one element inside water which is hydrogen gas (H2) is perfect to replace gasoline. This is because H2 has a quicker burn rate and is 3 times more potent than normal gas. The idea is to collect H2 through electrolysis process and venting it into the engine air intake system. There, the hydrogen gas will mix with gasoline vapor in the combustion chamber. Due to the potency of H2, it will create a smoother and more powerful engine torque. A higher engine power leads to increase mileage and cost savings.

It will be a surprise to many people that a car can be converted to run on water with less than $150. Most of the parts needed to build an electrolysis device are available from a hardware store. To start the modification process, will you need to purchase a good step by step instructional guide.

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