Ways To Test Drive A Power Wheelchair

Eleanor Hanson

Power wheelchairs, also sometimes known as electric wheelchairs are run by electric motors which in turn are operated by batteries. These vehicles also come with navigational and speed controllable joysticks so that these can be easily moved to any preferable direction and at any speed. Such motorized wheelchairs are best suited for those who are too weak to move the manual ones using the hand rims on the wheels. These were first invented by a scientist, working in National Research Council in Canada by the name of George Klein. Due to numerous benefits of these vehicles over the manual ones, the popularity of motorized chairs is increasing all over the world, including in US cities like San Diego and Orange County.

Since, these days there are different types of power wheelchairs available, it would be a good idea to test drive one before purchasing it. The primary reason behind saying this is that all power wheelchairs are not suitable for everyone. There are different ways to test drive a power wheelchair. Some of them are:

* Once your days in a sitting clinic (where a handicapped person is practically trained to use a new power wheelchair) are over, make necessary arrangements with the provider of medical equipments for you to spend several days test driving the electric wheelchair. This will help you in making a decision of whether you are comfortable with the vehicle or not.

* Spend several days on your new electric wheelchair at home. Visit those places on your new vehicle where you normally go in your daily life. Also spend as much time as possible on your new electric vehicle so that you get accustomed to its different features and comfort level.

* Make sure that you try to get your power wheelchair in both a wheelchair accessible cab and also in your own car. This will help you a lot in deciding whether the electric vehicle is suitable and designed to easily fit inside the vehicle that you use most often.

Numerous US citizens, including those living in cities like San Diego and Placentia have said that following these rules have actually helped them a lot in choosing the right type of motorized wheelchair.

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