Who Is The Super Villain of Spider-Man?

Eleanor Hanson

Spider-Man: Homecoming has released this year and it has successfully won back the attention of every Marvel follower since the Amazing Spider-Man in 2013. Turning back to the Spider-Man movie series, you may find that the little Spider guy always faces the villains who have greater power than he does. For example:

In 2017, Toomes is equipped with powerful wings and super nuclear weapons

In 2014, Max Dillon who fell into a tank of genetically-engineered electric eels by accident and became a living electric generator called Electro and Peter’ best friend, Harry who was hurried to deal with his illness by using the now-destroyed genetically-altered spider venom becomes a goblin-like creature finally and he is also equipped with a suit of armor and other equipment made by Norman.

In 2012, Connors who is forced to try the serum that is used to regenerate the limb becomes a violent hybrid of lizard-man.

In 2007, Flint Marko who fell into an experimental particle accelerator that fuses his body with the surrounding sand when fleeing and becomes the Sandman and Brock who was totally corrupted by the extraterrestrial symbiote.

In 2004, Dr. Otto Octavius who suffered a failed experiment become a diabolical villain and kill his wife and because of the failed experiment, he was fused to mechanical tentacles which can emit fire, lift heavy objects and issue holographic images. And they can also move him to anyplace flexibly.

Similarly, the BW bike phone mount is also equipped with great flexibility because it supports 360° rotation which allows you to set the perfect viewing angle for your device according to your preference.

With anti-skid design, the BW bike phone mount can function like the mechanical tentacles of Doctor Octopus to grip your device stably. And with the adjustable claw mount like Doctor Octopus’s tentacles, it can mount all handlebars steadily of 30mm to 50mm, keeping you away from the situation where it skids from the handlebars. Whether you are riding a bicycle, a motorcycle or an electric scooter, your device will kept steadily on the mount.

Although the mechanical tentacles of Doctor Octopus make Dr. Otto Octavius a diabolical villain in the movie, Spider-Man, its powerful design has benefited human a lot because people have utilized it in a right way. The BW phone mount has set a good example for it. And from the Spider-Man movie series, we learn a lesson that the development of science can benefit people a lot if under the goal of benefiting people. Only when a man with wisdom and a warm heart can he make more contribution to the development of human life. Otherwise, he will become the devil of the world.

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